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My name is Suzi Zemenides; I am a jewellery artist and the creator of My Precious Junk.

Designing and making My Precious Junk jewellery is a wonderful journey I began four years ago. Before this adventure, I explored many different design fields - from fine art and interior design, to professional mosaic portraiture.

My Precious Junk is a collection of jewellery that I create in my little workshop which, believe it or not, is an old converted pigsty! My unique surroundings are oozing with history and full of life. From the view of the old farm house I see from my pigsty window to my dad’s old wooden desk that I work on.  

I draw a lot of inspiration from the environment around me and love seeing how the farm and gardens transform from one season to the next. From huge magical icicles in the winter, to beautiful fruits and veg grown just a stone’s throw away.  (See ‘pigsty antics” for great pics!)

A surprise visitor will always find me working, be it, whilst singing at the top of my voice to my random selection of music or completely quiet, headphones on, engrossed in my latest audio book.  A frequent Skype visitor is my dad calling from aboard, full of wise advice about what I should do next…

Each delicate and intricate part of my jewellery is developed from my own designs - including the colours and patterns that make up each set of glass beads that I produce and the forming, shaping and piecing of the sterling silver.  Many of my pieces incorporate my handmade glass beads and each one is an individual work of art.

Once a piece has been completed, I can see the process that has led to its creation; from a thought or feeling that was the inspiration for my sketches, right through to the final design concept and finished product. Each piece is my idea brought to life and as such, it bears my own personal 'with love' stamp on it.

My customers love the fact that their 'Junk' jewellery is handmade, often unique and always different. This is what makes it precious.

I am delighted to have built up a community of Precious Customers and Collectors over the years; all individual, all unique and all with their own stories. They are wonderful people from all over the world from brave cancer survivors to those who have just given birth, romantic other halves, or fathers who want to surprise their daughters, those who want to treat themselves or spoil a friend, from fuss pots to avid collectors, to intrigued Facebook followers and one off random buyers. To those who can have as much as they like, to those who save up patiently for each piece, I ADORE THEM ALL! They’re continued support and love for my precious junk, is what makes it possible for me to do what I love doing most, making them jewellery!

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